The Challenges of Roofing in Boulder, Colorado

Jon Walters owns Jon Walter Roofing, LLC, a roofing company that is quite adept at handling the particularly tough conditions that Colorado weather throws its way. In these articles, Walter details exactly how his business seeks to outfit Boulder buildings in ways that work with the surrounding environment.

What's the Best Roofing for Colorado's Weather?

To fight Boulder's twin weather threats of furious winds and relentless sun, Walter's company offers the perfect roofing shingle.

What's the Difference Between Roof Repair and Re-Roofing?

Along with answering this frequent question, Walter provides some details about the outlook for rebuilt roofs in the future.

Why Not Install a Green Roof?

Here's why Walter doesn't think putting up a greener roof is worth the federal tax incentives.

The Challenges of Roofing in Colorado

Roofing in Boulder isn't easy. When the storms roll in, disrupting a re-roofing job, Walter's crew has to think on their feet.

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